Ko-Hen Electronics Product Detail for Hardigg


Hardigg Field Desk


This single unit field desk folds into one durable shipping container to become mobile in an instant. Pack in the optional Office Supplies Kit and your desk arrives ready for action.

Product Includes:

  • Attached Table Providing a large, flat work surface Six drawer desk
  • Two drawers for your 8.5" 11" paper work
  • Two drawers that are padlockable for extra security
  • Two large drawers specifically designed for Pendaflex folders
  • Sturdy Field Chair, this comfortable chair includes a backrest and can be folded and stored in the lid in seconds
  • Hardigg 8 drawer Medical Case


    The 8 Drawer Medical Case is designed to provide maximum protection in any situation. Impervious to weather, temperature and impact, its rotationally molded shell keeps all your supplies dry, dust-free and secure. With eight drawers providing ample storage space for all your sensitive medical equipment, and a lockable drawer for your most sensitive and vital equipment., you can be assured that all your medical supplies will be secure, organized and at arms reach.

    Product Includes:

    • Durable Molded Polyethylene Shell
    • Airtight, Waterproof Construction
    • Lightweight Aluminum Insert
    • Full Extension Ball -Bearing Slides
    • Customizable Divider System
    • One Lockable Drawer
    • Removable Stainless-Steel Work Tray
    • Wheels
    • Comfort Grip Handles
    • Large Wing Spring Loaded Catches
    • Chemical Agent Decontaminable

    Hardigg Blackbox Rack Case



    • This lightweight, compact case offers light to medium duty protection.
    • Unlike the competition at this price point, BlackBox is fully airtight and watertight, and boasts significantly better light duty shock performance.
    • We use recycled materials in the shell and a steel frame to save you money while upholding Hardigg’s industry leading standards.
    • When you need to be cost-conscious but can’t sacrifice performance, BlackBox is the answer.
    • Comes in sizes 4U to 15U


    Manufacturer’s Brochure

    Hardigg Ruggedized Shipping Cases


    Large, X-Large, XX-Large Ruggedized Shipping Cases

    • Transport and protect big equipment
    • Lightweight, shockproof, watertight, dustproof, heat- and chemical-resistant
    • Comfort grip handles
    • Reinforced corners and edges for impact protection
    • Molded-in ribs and edges for secure, non-slip stacking, columnar strength, and add protection


    With 295 standard sizes, Hardigg's line of single-lid, rotomolded transport cases is the industry leader. We have a case to ship and protect virtually any industrial, commercial, scientific, or military equipment (computers, tools, electronics, demos, audio, medical, etc. Hardigg's reusable single-lid cases are both lightweight and incredibly rugged, because we use the best polyethylene molding processes) and we engineer them ourselves.

    We offer single-lid cases compliant with ATA and MIL-SPEC requirements for your shipping needs, and you can count on a Hardigg portable transport case to be lightweight yet heavy-duty, low maintenance cost units, reusable for many years. Every element is designed to maximize reliability, strength and protection.

    All Hardigg cases reflect our commitment to utmost quality. What you can expect: state-of-the-art polyethylene rotomolding, our patented Hardigg Comfort Grip Handle, molded-in interlocking ribs for stacking strength, recessed hardware throughout, molded-in tongue-and-groove gasketed parting lines, positive anti-shear locks, and uniform molded-in color.