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Some Technical Tips

LED Array WizardÂ
Gives you excellent wiring diagram ideas for your LED arrays
Cat5e cable wiringÂ
Cat5e HTML Tutorial Â
- PDF file describing 568A and 568B, and crossover, wiring schemes
- HTML page with similar information

Cat 5e/Cat 6 specs  Â

Technical explanation of Cat 5e,Cat6 standards

Soldering PL-259 Coax connectors

How to install PL-259 UHF connectors (plugs)

Automotive fuses explained

All about blade fuses, fusible links and breakers for autos

Automotive breakers

All about self-resetting automotive circuit breakers

Why diodes in relays?

Freewheeling, or inductive flyback catching diodes in relays

Automotive relays

Page 8 gives connection information on 5 pin automotive relays

Capacitor crossover in auto sound systems

For those who want to make a poor man’s crossover

Inverter cable size

A few general recommendations for power cable size for inverters

What’s an MOV?

Used in surge protectors, voltage protection circuits, what are they?

All about inverters

They change DC to AC. But there’s more to it than that!

Switching power supplies

Commonly used in computers, but not just there. How do they work.

Linear power supplies

A power supply that maintains a true voltage level. How?

Cat5e as audio cable?

An interesting link about the best way to transmit audio signal

Coax as video cable

Why solid core coaxial cable works well for video

About coax splitters

How much signal loss occurs with coax splitters? What types are there?

Keyboard shortcuts

Can’t type ° or µ other handy characters? Here’s how.

Reversing Switch

How to wire a normal DPDT switch for reverse connections

USB questions

How far can you run USB cable? How many devices?Â

Car Crossovers

How to make a poor man’s speaker crossover

Inductive Proximity

NTE electronics PDF file on inductive sensors

HDMI cable
Everything you need to know about HDMI cables